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We provide quality services throughout the world, hence our clients bear the testimony of our services worldwide. As we are a leader in the technology service arena, we explore cutting-edge software around the globe. Our goal is to develop and promote top-notch IT services for multi-user operations. With our vast array of software development, product development, are experienced, we believe the creation of a robust, user friendly and functionally rich software solution is a risk-free proposition for Excel IT AI and Client.

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Web Development

The term, web application development means a whole range of distinct services that include enterprise and customer research, architecture planning, design wireframing and prototyping, frontend and backend coding, optimization, maintenance, DevOps, and a lot more. Web app development services help people discover more about a company: know the services and products it provides and contact the sales team that ultimately boosts the sales. It also helps them interact with various solutions, such as catalogs, order forms, videos, and so on.

Why Excel Web Application Development

Whether you need a new tool, require thorough research, or want to improve an existing app, whatever the service is, We, Excel IT AI, are readily available to help you with all these web app development services. We provide web consultation, cross-platform development, custom application development, design, legacy modernization, system integration, and all other services you need in your domain. Our company does not end up merely providing the services, rather it gives the lifetime after-sales support.

  • A team of expert software engineers with years of experience.
  • Latest web solutions tailored only for your needs.
  • Improved UI/UX interactivity.
  • Innovative modularization for existing architecture.
  • Top-notch Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA).
  • Fast and responsive solutions.
  • Reduction of development expenses.
  • Transparent project control.
  • Satisfactory integration of web solutions.
  • 100% Quality Assurance (QA).
  • 24/7 support and maintenance.

From simple website development to advanced dynamic web application development even with customized client-side or server-side modules, all the services are promptly provided by our company, so you can instantly get any solution you want. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our company or you want to discuss any ideas about your web application development project.

Our Web App Development Services

As we have an experienced team of full-stack web application developers, all the services we provide are world-class and client-centered. We possess the expertise to develop customized web applications to serve your purposes. We facilitate custom cooperation models with flexible schedules and payment schemes for your convenience. The enterprise solutions we provide with our expert hands are:

Responsive UX and UI Design

We, Excel IT AI, use the UI design approach to adjust content to various screen sizes. We also design elements in relevant unit sizes and apply media queries to automatically adapt the browser space to ensure content consistency across different devices. Moreover, our efficient UX designers ensure easy navigation of the designs that ultimately help develop web apps with perfect User Experiences.

Custom Application Development

Excel IT AI builds custom software to address your specific purposes. Our custom-made applications perfectly fit your existing business software and reduce the use of multiple applications for business operations. Once any system issues arise, our developers resolve those immediately.

E-commerce Web App Development

Our eCommerce web applications are well optimized for the highest rate of conversions. The applications we provide are easy-to-use, scalable, and powerful that make you successful in business. The hands-on experience of our system engineers helps you develop the best eCommerce platform.

Web App CMS

The CMS web application we develop allows you to manage your digital content without prior web programming knowledge. Our custom CMS developers have extensive expertise in their domain. They develop CMS web applications with the latest technology trending in the world at the moment.

Our Web Application Development Process

We, Excel IT AI, maintain the proper web application development process. We implement Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall Models. As the Agile Framework gives the best outcome, we recommend your application to be developed with the framework. Here is the development process we follow.

1. Requirement Analysis

To begin with a project, we determine the problem you wish to solve. Then our team prepares a proposal for the best possible solution for your project. The proposal includes detailed project plans and SRS.

2. Basic Designing and Wireframing

After the clients’ approval, we start working on the project. Our designers and developers initiate with the basic wireframes to establish the systematic organization or the blueprints of the application. In this phase, we prepare mock-ups to display how graphics, texts, and other elements fit the structure of the custom web application.

3. Architecture Planning and Prototyping

This is the phase to create the UI/UX design and prototype to develop an interactive demo of the application. At this primary stage, you can test the viability of the app through MVP which lowers your time and budget. Architecture Planning and Prototyping also develop the architectural basics of the app.

4. Frontend and Backend Development

Once the design and interfaces gets approval, the dev team implements the Frontend and the Backend coding to develop the client-side and the server-side modules of the app. You can check the progression of the project regularly, submit customization requests, and discuss ideas with the dev team.

5. Testing and QA

At this stage, the application is examined thoroughly to fix bugs if any and to ensure the application meets your requirements and other QA metrics. We provide a complete set of manual and automated testing services that include functionality, integration, interoperability, system, security, usability, scalability, and other testing options.

6. Deployment

After passing the Testing and QA phase, the final build is provided to you with all the related components including UI/UX, documentation, code, etc. Our development team and Testing and QA team welcome any suggestion from you even at this stage.

7. Maintenance and Upgradation

Once the custom web application passes the Deployment phase, it is hosted live. You are now set to enjoy and utilize the app. Take no worries about bugs or any unexpected issues! We will provide you with full tech support and maintenance lifetime. At any moment, you are welcome to ask to fix any bugs, add or remove any features from the application. You can also customize the design, optimize legacy modules, migrate data, etc. at any time. Besides, we provide maintenance and up-gradation services for third-party web applications.

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